Free Crochet Pattern: Lovely Day Wall Hanging

It’s February!

My five year old is SO excited for Valentines Day. She’s in a new big school and can’t wait for her class party. The stores are all covered in rainbows and glitter and hearts. There are teddy bears and candy! I can see the appeal really.

I made her a little wall hanging so she could decorate her room. It was a quick little project and she was content to wait for actual Valentines a little longer so…Mama mission accomplished.

I had a little fun and went with an ombre heart look!
I think she could keep this in her room year-round really.

My daughter can’t remember or it’s too hard to say Valentines. She made her own association to the hearts and started referring to it as “Lovely Day”. It’s pretty funny and adorable. Basically, she sounds like she’s just complimenting everything. “Mom! Look at that lovely balloon.” “They have lovely candy here!” “Oh! A lovely kitty toy!”

Now, I am just as much a fan of February in my own way. I love it because it means we’re knocking on springs door. Where I live, the days are starting to warm just enough to get your hopes up. After making her heart version I decided a spring version would be so fun! February always signals the season change and promises of LOVELY days ahead. And that my friends, is how the Lovely Day Wall Hanging was born.

All flowers on this version made with embroidery thread.

Now about the pattern!

Made with worsted weight yarn and a K hook, the background flag works up quickly and makes a solid base to mount you thread flowers to.

The flowers are made with embroidery floss or size 10 crochet thread. There are four flower and two leaf styles and you can combine them in countless color and flower arrangement combos. You can find TONS of inspiration for flower arrangements on Pinterest. My favorite search terms to use were “flower bouquet illustration” and “floral watercolor”. Careful! You’ll find yourself looking at all the beautiful pictures for way to long. I did!

You’ll also find tutorials for mounting to the dowel or stick, attaching the twine and for creating the tassel to add a finishing touch to your new home decor!



HDC: 11 sts by 11 rows= 4″ unblocked

Gauge is important to your project so your finished piece will be the size specified in the pattern and the materials specified in the pattern will be sufficient. The hook size for the pattern is based on what I used, but gauge can vary from person to person and be affected by yarn. If it takes you fewer stitches and rows to make 4”, try using a smaller size hook; if more stitches and rows, try a larger size hook.

Stitches and Abbreviations (US Terms):

rnd(s) – round(s)

ch(s) – chain(s)

st(s) – stitch(es)

sk – skip

sp – space

sl st – slip stitch

sc – single crochet

hdc – half double crochet

hdc2tog – half double crochet two together

dc – double crochet

tr – treble crochet

RS – right side

WS – wrong side


  • Joins are made with a slip stitch into the first stitch of the round unless otherwise stated.
  • Pattern is in written instructions with a picture tutorial to attach crochet pieces to flag and to mount the piece on the dowel and hanger.
  • Stitches between [ ] are to be repeated total number of times indicated.
  • Stitches between ( ) are to all be worked in the same stitch.
  • Full disclosure, I am not well versed in embroidery. I used the simplest of techniques, straight small lines to create simple shapes as background detail to the crocheted appliques.
  • Finished crocheted wall hanging is 5.25″ wide and 6.5″ long, with tassel: 12.5″ long, with dowel and hanger: 6″ wide and 16.5″ long.

Flag Pattern

Working with your K Hook,

Ch 11.

Row 1: Hdc in 2nd ch from hook and each ch across. (10)

Rows 2-8: Ch 1, turn, hdc each st across. (10)

Row 9: Ch 2, turn, hdc2tog, hdc 6, hdc2tog. (8)

Row 10: Ch 2, turn hdc2tog, hdc 4, hdc2tog. (6)

Row 11: Ch 2, turn, hdc2tog, hdc 2, hdc2tog. (4)

Row 12: Ch 2, turn, hdc2tog, hdc2tog. (2)

Row 13: Ch 2, turn, hdc2tog. (1)

Row 14: Ch 1, turn, sl st. (1)

Edging Rnd. 1 (RS): Ch 1, DO NOT TURN, rotate your piece and work into the sides of the rows, hdc approximately 18 sts, ch 2, rotate and sc in each ch of beginning ch across, ch 2, rotate and hdc 18 sts down opposite side of rows, ch 1, join to first hdc with a sl st.

Rnd. 2 (RS): Ch 1, sc in third loop of each hdc, sc 2 into ch 2 sp, sl st each sc across, 2 sc into ch 2 sp, sc in third loop of each hdc, ch 1, join to first sc with a sl st.

Fasten off, weave in ends.

Finished Flag.

Ruffle Flower

Working with E hook,

Rnd. 1: Using magic circle, ch 2, 6 hdc, do NOT join, work in continuous rnds. (6)

Rnd. 2: Hdc 2 in each st around. (12)

Rnd. 3: [Hdc next, 2 hdc in next] 6 times, sl st to first st of previous rnd. (18)

Rnd. 4: Ch 2, turn, you will work into the third loop now facing you, 3 dc into each st around.

**This round is worked continuously along the third loops of all three previous rnds in a spiral towards the center of the circle.

Fasten off, leaving long tail.

Thread your tail onto a needle and pull it through a st in first rnd, across from the last st in the ruffle. This will tack it down and complete the swirl.

Finished Ruffle Flower

Tiny Daisy

Working with E hook,

Rnd. 1: In magic circle, [ch 3, sl st] 5 times. (5 petals)

Fasten off, pull tail through the middle and then tighten.

Finished Tiny Daisy

Layered Flower

Flower is worked in two pieces and then sewn together.

Top Layer

Working with E hook,

Rnd. 1: In magic circle, ch 2, 12 hdc, join with sl st to first st. (12)

Rnd. 2: Ch 2, (tr, dc, hdc) first st, sc, [(dc, tr, dc, hdc), sc] 5 times, join. (6 petals)

Fasten off.

Using another color, thread it back a forth across the first rnd. of the flower to create a textured center. Set aside.

Bottom Layer

Working with E hook,

Rnd. 1: In magic circle, ch 2, 12 hdc, join with sl st to first st. (12)

Rnd. 2: Ch 1, [hdc, 2 hdc] 6 times, join. (18)

Rnd. 3: Ch 2, (tr, dc, hdc) first st, sc, [(dc, tr, dc, hdc), sc] 8 times, join. (9 petals)

Fasten off.

Place the top layer centered on the bottom layer and sew them together.

Finished Layered Flower

Small Rose

Working with E hook,

Ch 26.

Rnd. 1 (RS): Sc in 2nd ch from hook, [sk 2, 5 dc, sk 2, sc] 3 times, sk 2, 5 dc, sk 2, sc last ch. (4 shells)

Fasten off.

Starting at the end with no tails, roll the flower into a bud shape. Use the tails to sew the layers into place.

Finished Small Rose

Large Leaf

Working with E hook,

Ch 7.

Rnd. 1: 2 tr in 3rd ch from hook, dc, hdc, sc, sl st last ch, ch 1, rotate and work back along opposite side of ch, sl st, sc, hdc, dc, 2 tr, join with a sl st to first tr. (12)

Fasten off.

Finished Large Leaf

Small Leaf

Working with E hook,

Ch 5.

Row 1: 2 dc in 2nd ch from hook, hdc, sc, sl st. (5)

Fasten off.

Finished Small Leaf

Decorate Flag

The Lovely Day Wall Hanging is intended to be created in a way that the final product is a little more open ended. I have created lots of different arrangements with this pattern and done some on a smaller scale with my Floweret Clips.

As I said above, Pinterest is a great place for inspiration but just play around with it and you’ll find lots of ways to place your floral pieces. Here’s an example of one I made and some tips for placing your flowers.

I used the tails of my pieces to sew through the middle of the stitches so it couldn’t be seen on back. This is totally a preference; you could simply just sew straight through sense you don’t see the back when it’s displayed on a wall.

Want some more arrangement inspiration? If you upgrade to the premium pattern on either Etsy or Ravelry, you’ll get this arrangement plus 4 more to help you create a decoration that will fit perfectly into your own style.

Mounting To Dowel


AND you’re done!

I really hope that you enjoyed this design and that you now have a beautiful floral piece to add to your home. I love seeing what you make with my designs so if you share your wall hanging on Instagram be sure to tag me, @woodland.stitchcraft.