Crochet Cancer Challenge: Lavender Beanie

What is the Crochet Cancer Challenge?

Creating crochet pieces for the purpose of donation is such a huge part of the crochet community and Christine of Sweet Potato 3 Patterns is using this tradition to collect hats for cancer patients in a fun and unique way.

Christine has brought together a ton of amazing designers and throughout the month of October these designers have been releasing brand new hat patterns for free! What’s the catch? WELL, it’s a small one. Simply pledge to make at least ONE hat from that pattern to be donated to a cancer center or patient. It’s a simple gesture, someone gets a hat to wear or let them know someone out there is thinking of them and you get a new pattern. The gift of giving all the way around.

You can find much more in depth details by visiting the Christine’s blog here.

Facts About Melanoma:

All the hats this month have been designed with a specific cancer color and awareness in mind. My hat color, black, is the ribbon color for Melanoma or skin cancer. Living in a state like California where the sun is shining quite often and outdoor activity is a part of life in our state I felt this was a good fit for me.

The two main causes of skin cancer are UV exposure from the sun and tanning beds. Sunburns increase your risk, the more sunburns you have had the more likely you are to develop skin cancer. Protect yourself and your family by using sunscreens or making sure to cover your skin from the sun! Clothing is the most effective way to protect yourself from these harmful rays. I don’t know about you but to me that sounds like an invitation to crochet more things to wear!

Facts sourced from Please visit their site to read more about Melanoma, it’s causes, detection and treatments.

The Lavender Beanie:

The Lavender Beanie is meant to be a quick project that is stylish and unisex. I wanted something that looked great with or without a pom and was fitted.

I chose to call it the Lavender Beanie because the texture reminded me of the tall thin flowers and also because lavender is suppose to be a calming and soothing herb and I felt like that was a good vibe I wanted to send with this design.

The pattern calls for a worsted yarn. I used Scheepjes Stone Washed XL in the color Black Onyx to create my tribute to the black color that represents this cancer. The lighter stripes of grey running through the black yarn meant I got a black color without losing the texture of the pattern. I topped it off with a black faux fur pom to continue the theme.

I used my trusty CroChic Styles hook in I. This hat takes very little yarn, works up quickly and the pattern includes infant to adult sizes so that it’s truly a hat for anyone!

I hope that you all enjoy this beanie and I hope that whoever receives the one you donate feels some calm and peace knowing there is someone out there thinking of them! I know we are going to spread some love with this challenge.

Make sure that you use the code CANCERCHALLENGE so that your download is free! This code will be good for one week. (10/28-11/4)

Make sure you use code CANCERCHALLENGE!

I would love to see your hats and for you to share them with the others participating in this challenge. Use #crochetcancerchallenge on your picture and go check it out to see the hats that others are making!